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The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Find out when you might want to turn to a dental crown to improve the health of your crowns

This tooth-shaped restoration has actually been around for centuries, dating back to the Etruscans in 166-201 AD. Of course, crowns looked a little different back then and might we say a bit more gaudy (since they were made of gold), but modern-day technology has given us dental crowns that look just like real teeth. Our Remington, VA, family dentist Dr. Courtney Ashby is here to tell you more about crowns and who could benefit from them.

When are dental crowns used?

This tooth-shaped cap is placed over a tooth that is damaged or weakened by decay, infection or trauma. The cap will become the tooth’s new outer layer to protect it from further damage and to restore function and strength back into the tooth. Think of a dental crown as a protective outer shield for a weak tooth.

Of course, crowns aren’t just used for restorative dental purposes only. They can also cover a tooth that is severely malformed or discolored to improve the shape, size, length or color of a tooth. Sometimes this is a better option than dental veneers if you don’t have enough tooth enamel to support the veneer. Crowns can easily be placed over the tooth to improve its appearance.

Crowns are also instrumental in treating tooth loss. A crown can also cover a dental implant and or be cemented over healthy natural teeth to stabilize and support a dental bridge to replace multiple teeth in a row.

What are the advantages of getting a dental crown?

There are many benefits to getting dental crowns from our Remington, VA, cosmetic dentist:

  • To restore and preserve a weak or worn tooth
  • To protect a tooth after root canal therapy
  • To support a broken tooth and to prevent the damage from getting worse
  • To improve the appearance of a tooth that has severe cosmetic defects
  • To cover an implant or to support a dental bridge

A dental crown can last up to 15 years with the proper care. It’s important that you continue to come in every six months for routine cleanings and exams to check the health of the crown.

If you are interested in the cosmetic or restorative dental services we offer in Remington, VA, then it’s the perfect time to schedule a consultation. Remington Family Dentistry is here to provide you with the care you need to maintain a healthy smile.

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